Jeremy I Berkowitz

Jeremy I. Berkowitz of Branford, CT passed away suddenly on Wednesday, August 29, 2012. Jeremy was born on April 15, 1948 in New Haven, CT. He leaves behind his two brothers, Asa and Joshua Berkowitz and his sister Abby Gillette as well as his beloved children, Benjamin, John and Brianna. He is also survived by his step-daughter, Emma Ryan, and the mother of his children, Jody Platner as well as his expected grandchild due in December. He leaves behind many nieces and nephews as well as his beloved friends. In addition, he leaves behind his three “grand- puppies,” Del, Pepper and Digby. Jeremy was the proud owner of Red Rooster Construction, Co. and a life-long resident of the New Haven area.

A graveside service will be held on Friday, August 31 at Beth Hamedrosh Cemetery at Brockett Place, East Haven, CT at 1:00 p.m.

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  1. George Synodi said,

    08.31.12 at 1:21 am

    To the Friends and Family;

    I only got to know Jeremy in the last year……………and that’s my biggest regret. He was such a great guy that I wished I had been introduced to him years earlier. It would have been years of laughs instead of one.

    On behalf of the University of New Haven community I want to extend our sincerest condolences to his family and friends. He turned out to be much more than just a contractor to us.

    I’ve been in this business a long time and worked with all sorts………..and Jeremy was and will always be one of the best.

  2. john poulton said,

    08.31.12 at 1:32 am

    Jeremy was a great guy and neighbor to my parents who lived next door to him on little Bay Lane, in Short Beach, Branford. He was always willing to lend a helping hand when someone needed it. He was a great help to my dad while he has been laid up with a bad leg. His passing was a great shock to all on the street, he will be greatly missed. My parents had great affection for him.

  3. Joe Sandella said,

    08.31.12 at 10:56 am

    I’ve worked with Jeremy and Red Rooster Construction for many years and found him to be a fair and reasonable person. Im sure he and “max” ( his dog ) are together again. I will miss you Jer……rest in peace.

  4. Marc Ladin said,

    08.31.12 at 11:09 am

    I remember Jeremy as a young kid at Edgewood School. He was always a popular kid, little, cute, smart, and funny. All the girls loved him. I remember he came to my Bar Mitzvah and we used to play together after school. I remember going to his father’s tropical fish store and thought it was great that his dad was going back to law school. Always a great kid. I am sure he will be dearly missed.

  5. Jimmy Wolf said,

    08.31.12 at 12:55 pm

    Our deepest sympathy to the berkowitz family , jeremy and i graduated hillhouse toghether and shared some wonderful moments, he will be missed.

  6. Robert Jasek said,

    08.31.12 at 1:55 pm

    I worked for Jeremy back in the mid 80’s. I remember the first day I showed up for work Jeremy said, “You are going to work all day with Jack” I thought, OK. Little did I know he meant a jackhammer. When I returned to the shop that night to unload the jackhammer Jeremy was standing in the garage. He didn’t say a word but just stood there with a smile.

    I learned a great deal during my years working for Jeremy and every time I am building a deck, hanging a door or any other carpentry work I remember how much of a perfectionist Jeremy was and I make sure not to leave any “Mule Tracks” on the trim. ☺ . He was a good Boss and an even better man.

    You will be missed.

    Robert Jasek

  7. Bob Adnopoz said,

    08.31.12 at 3:56 pm

    Jeremy was a very intelligent and interesting individual.He will be long remembered by those in the construction and real estate business.
    My sincere condolences to the family and friends.

    Bob Adnopoz

  8. Ralph Carlo said,

    08.31.12 at 4:26 pm

    Our deepest sympathy to the Berkowitz Family. We are shocked and saddened by the loss of Jeremy. The Tracey family considered Jeremy and his family as some of the best neighbors in the Westville. Our business relationship has carried on for many years. I personally will miss his humor and his distinctive personality that I experienced working with him over the last couple of decades.

    Ralph Carlo and the Tracey Family
    Tracey Energy Services, LLC

  9. Craig Barletta said,

    08.31.12 at 10:31 pm

    I am very sorry to hear about the loss of Jeremy. I had the pleasure to work with him a few times doing stone work. He was a pleasure to do work for . I normally do not work for general contractors, but when Jeremy called I would do it if I could fit him in.
    He was a man of his word, a rarity in these times. We both took pride in our work and had the highest standards for our customers. He also was great to talk to and of course “laugh with”. I hope you find some peace during these difficult days ahead.

    Craig Barletta

  10. Susan McClenning Silverberg said,

    09.01.12 at 1:46 pm

    I have fond childhood memories of Jeremy,especially from Edgewood School, Sheridan and the Surf Club. My most sincere sympathy to his family.

  11. Tom Arenberg said,

    09.01.12 at 3:50 pm

    I worked for Red Rooster as a carpenters helper for several years in the 1980’s. It was here that I learned not only the basics of carpentry but many of the principles that I have carried throughout my life. Things like good work ethics, attention to detail and the value of quality. My experience working for Jeremy ultimately led to my own construction company. Through the years I have often thought about him and my time at Red Rooster. Jeremy was an invaluable influence to me. He will be missed.

  12. Anna & Tony Antonakis said,

    09.01.12 at 5:33 pm

    We have know Jeremy for over 16 years,he had breakfast at our restaurant most mornings, He spoke with such Joy about his kids, and their weddings and events that were being planned, thing that were going on with life in general, there would be plenty of advice and help if you needed it. and it with heavy hearts, we are saying goodbye to a good friend. we will truly miss him.

  13. Gary Sachs said,

    09.01.12 at 7:39 pm

    I think it is common practice in our culture to speak, write about and remember our beloved departed in pure and idealized terms. We often view their lives through glasses with lenses that highlight the positive. I can unequivocally state that Jeremy was a man with the purest of heart who conducted his life and business (which were bonded as one) with the highest level of integrity, honesty, generosity and sincerity. I have witnessed Jeremy take “right action” doing the next right thing, often to his own financial detriment. Jeremy not only had high ideals and standards but he held himself to them while offering more charitable judgment of others, myself included.

    I have known Jeremy since 1975 when I along with my business partners arrived in New Haven to build a nightclub, the Arcadia Ballroom. Initially Jeremy and Red Rooster CC were hired as general contractors but that relationship quickly exponentiated to a friendship and business partnership which survived many years through several businesses including the Whitney Winery. I worked for Jeremy for one year at Red Rooster. During these years I had the privilege to witness first hand how Jeremy dealt with many challenges which would have crushed a lesser man. In doing so he modeled a level of ethical, honorable and tenacious behavior unparalleled in my experience. “Period,” (as he was fond of saying). His blunt forthright honesty and willingness to support an unpopular notion caused the occasional rift with others, but his graciousness in victory or defeat often turned the situation to one of conciliation and friendship. Jeremy was a friend who offered me both unconditional support in my battles and honest appraisal of my at times untenable positions.

    I was honored to be included in Jeremy’s family. I have many fond memories of wonderful times on Westwood road where I was welcomed by Jeremy and Jody into the fabric of their family. I remember the joyous births of their children Ben, John and Brianna and the proud dialogue over many years of their progress and growth into the fine, intelligent and compassionate people they have evolved into. I watched as Jeremy developed a loving relationship with his stepdaughter Emma. I was honored to be a part of the Red Rooster family for many years and observed him as the glue holding together his work family which included his brother Josh, Jeff, Lou and many others over the years who were and are members of this grieving family. The last times I spoke with Jeremy he shared his pain trying to keep this family afloat during these difficult financial times. I last spoke with him several weeks ago when he called “last minute” to invite me and my girlfriend to join him and Jody for a lobster roll. We were not able to make it but we promised to all get together soon.

    When we sold the Arcadia in 1980 Jack Meltzer and I had the following Carlos Castaneda quote engraved on a plaque for Jeremy. He told me he had recently found it and had it on his desk for inspiration; I believe these words capture his essence for above all else Jeremy Berkowitz was a true and pure-hearted warrior.

    “The spirit of a warrior is not geared to indulging and complaining, nor is it geared to winning or losing. The spirit of a warrior is geared only to struggle, and every struggle is a warrior’s last battle on earth. Thus the outcome matters very little to him. In his last battle on earth a warrior lets his spirit flow free and clear. And as he wages his battle, knowing that his intent is impeccable, a warrior laughs and laughs”

  14. David Trachten said,

    09.02.12 at 1:42 pm

    I suspect I am like many others. I got to meet Jeremy as contractor but soon knew I had a new friend. Jeremy’s spirit for life will be dearly missed.

  15. Shelley Berkowitz Levy said,

    09.04.12 at 2:47 pm

    Dear Abby, Josh, and Asa,
    We were very, very sorry to hear about Jeremy – very shocking news…. our mutual cousin, Philip Danishevsky of Hamden told us about it.
    I wish we had known as we would have attended the service.
    My mother, Naomi, and I extend our deepest sympathies to you all and your families.
    Abby, would you email me your address. My mother Naomi would like to send you a note.
    We hope you are all doing well. We remember Jeremy very well and read all the beautiful things people had to say about him.
    Shelley Berkowitz Levy and Naomi Berkowitz

  16. Lynne Drazen said,

    09.04.12 at 11:28 pm

    Dear Abby, Josh and Asa,
    What a terrible shock to hear of Jeremy’s passing. It’s been many years since I’ve seen your brother. I remember vividly his warm personality, how cute he was as a teenager and how I was one of “the girls” that couldn’t wait for a date with him!!! From the comments I’ve read it sounds like he kept that same lovely spirit and charm.
    My heartfelt condolences are extended to you and his children. I’m so sorry his life was cut short at such an early age. I do hope that all your good memories of him will help to heal your loss in the days to come.
    My best wishes,
    Lynne Drazen