Daniel Weller Klein

Daniel Weller Klein passed away peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his loving family and friends at Alive Hospice in Nashville, Tennessee on June 26, 2021. He was the beloved son of Jerome Klein, (deceased) and Sylvia Weller Fish (deceased), loving father of Jerome Klein (Tiana) and Jackie Babat (Brett), devoted brother of Macky Miller, devoted grandfather of 6 grandchildren, favorite uncle of Betsy Cohen and Steven Miller, beloved friend of Carmen Delia and Kristen Klein, the best dog parent to Pippa and Remy, with gratitude to his devoted caregiver May Hayes.

Danny resided in Nashville, TN for the past three years where a private service was held on Sunday, June 27th. He will be laid to rest next to his mother in a private ceremony at Mishkan Israel Cemetery, New Haven.

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  1. Arlene H Levine said,

    06.27.21 at 2:38 pm

    We are so so very sad about Danny’s struggle and passing. We grew up together on Bellevue Rd. He was a best friend to my brother Bobby ( my hope is that they are getting into good trouble together). I always considered Danny to be my other brother. I loved him unconditionally. Although I hadn’t seen him since he moved, he was and is always always in my heart. Our most sincere and deeply heartfelt condolences to Jackie and Jerry and your families including Mackie. Love to you all! Arlene (and Sandy) Levine

  2. Jacob Pearlman said,

    06.27.21 at 6:05 pm

    I am so sorry to learn of Dan’s passing. Although it has been quite awhile, one of my best memories was when we were just entering High School & I lived on Scranton St & he was at my house on the eve of July 4 & a relative of mine gave us a large quantity of fireworks (salutes) & just as we lit the first pack, a police car & police motorcycle was passing by & stopped & we were so afraid that we ran all the way to the Boulevard thinking that we were in trouble (but we were not)… Last time we spoke, he picked up right where we left off & asked me if I had any more salutes

    Our deepest condolences
    Jack Pearlman & Marlene (Bloom) Pearlman


    06.27.21 at 10:58 pm

    I am so very sorry to hear of Danny’s passing. He and Carmen were my neighbors in Los Angeles for several years, and my dog Marley and I spent many, many hours walking in the neighborhood with Danny and Remy (and then Pippa). He was a truly devoted dog dad and had such a zest for life. My heart goes out to the entire family.

  4. NitaRomer said,

    06.28.21 at 8:40 am

    We were so sad to hear that Danny had passed away.. We shared so many happy, fun times together over the years and really missed seeing him since he moved. I know how thrilled he was to be able to spend time with his children and especially his grandchildren. Thinking of you Jerry and Jackie and your families and sending our most sincere sympathy. . Nita and George Romer

  5. Frankie Ruggiero said,

    06.28.21 at 10:28 am

    I am so sorry to hear about Dan’s passing. His mom Sylvia together with my mother & my aunt were best of friends & when we were kids, we used to hang out together in the old Legion Ave… We spent several days watching the “wrecking ball” destroy the tenement where one of his relatives & my family resided from our “stoop” on Ward St. We had an amazing childhood growing up & he will be missed.

    Although, we are from different faiths, my prayers are with you & Dan’s family

  6. Vanessa & Carlos said,

    06.28.21 at 11:09 am

    To Danny’s family & close friends, we are so saddened to learn of Danny’s passing. He & Pippa were such a big part of the Vertis community. They will be dearly missed.

  7. Chris Manna said,

    06.28.21 at 4:32 pm

    Thank you Danny for all those you introduced me to and for your friendship of almost 40 years

  8. Bonnie (Batter) Slade said,

    06.29.21 at 5:00 am

    Danny , Mackie and Syl were our next door neighbors on Bellevue Road in New Haven in the 50’s and we all considered him and his family as an extension of our own. Danny and his family were legends in our young minds and he continued that status throughout his life.
    So many stories about Danny — he had a big heart and a lust for fun and life! Occasionally my life intersected with his as our moms aged. My favorite story was about Senator Turkewitz (those who knew him well, know about this antic!)—it could have been an episode in Seinfeld, if Seinfeld had heard about it!)— but that was Danny throughout his life.

    Danny’s connection with his dogs and later use of dogs as therapy for hospitalized people was a natural for his outgoing personality and concern for others.

    The world has a big hole in it from his passing and he left the world a better place than he found it. With love to his family, Bonnie (Batter) Slade

  9. Lynda (Batter) Munro said,

    06.29.21 at 8:27 am

    Danny was my babysitter when I was little. Danny gave us our dog Mitzi when he couldn’t keep her in his apartment after mortuary school.Growing up, I remember that Danny brought whoever he was dating by the house to see if my mother approved. When my daughter was in the hospital, Danny snuck Remy in after hours to comfort her. When our mother was failing, Danny came to be with her and helped her connect with Rabbi Brockman. He would call me for legal help. I would call him for dog help. I met women he dated, many thumbs down; Carmen was thumbs up!
    In between those times and right up until a few months ago, my life was enriched by check in calls with Danny and dinners with Danny-all filled with humor, great stories and caring.
    I hope my memories can be a comfort to all of you in Danny’s family. I loved him and his life force. He was a good man.

  10. William MacMullen said,

    06.29.21 at 10:38 am

    You inspired me to understand the implications of a dog’s devotion and loyalty.
    Although I did not go the “Golden” route, I did use all of your ideas with my own pal.
    We only spoke a few times, but it was all taken to heart. If I am any indication of how you affected people, then you have many more admirers than you ever knew.

  11. Macky Miller said,

    06.29.21 at 12:31 pm

    To all who have been so thoughtful, if I could respond to each, individually, I would do so. Rest assured we are reading and rereading your beautiful words and cherishing every one of them. You’ve made it apparent that whether you knew Danny your whole life or whether that friendship was relatively new, it didn’t take you long to figure out what a genuinely good person he was. Nor did it take you long to enjoy his humor.
    His entire family and I, his sister, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the comfort your notes have brought us. How wonderful that every one of us can smile whenever we think of our special Danny.
    Macky Miller

  12. Niki Batter Dobbs said,

    06.29.21 at 12:53 pm

    I was devastated to see that Danny died. I always thought of him as a brother I didn’t have. He, Mackey and Syl lived next door to us in New Haven. I used to think they were family. We used to visit often with “Granpa and Granma Weller” at there home. Danny was kind and larger than life. I remember him picking me up from a birthday party when I was younger. He had just gotten his license. On the way home I threatened to tell on him because I thought he was speeding and smoking a cigarette! I hope he is happy in heaven with all his family and of course the dogs. The world will be a sadder place without Danny in it.

  13. Laurie Batter said,

    06.29.21 at 5:48 pm

    I too was shocked and devastated to learn of Danny’s passing. My sisters said it all, he was larger than life, and I always thought he would be here forever. Remembering the stories of Danny bringing by all of his lady friends for my mother’s approval. And the blessing he gave to our family with his gift of his dog Mitzi, so devoted to him, and so devoted to his adopted family. I am reading all of these memories and realize that I missed a lot by leaving Connecticut by not seeing him all these years. Danny more recently gave his love and care again in helping me make all the arrangements for our father’s burial from afar, he did it out of love as a gift and helped me through the shock of that loss. Danny was a true mensch, and had such a youthful outlook, spirit and sense of humor. He is already terribly missed.

  14. Liz Koakodd said,

    07.05.21 at 2:26 pm

    I just heard about Danny’s passing. I am so sorry. To his family and friends I send my deepest condolences. I met Danny in a professional capacity 13 years ago. He made an impossibly difficult time bearable with his kindness, compassion, and humor. He went above and beyond and displayed all the characteristics of a true mensch. I have always been grateful for his help during that time and often think of him and his kindness and tolerance. I hope you are able to gain strength and comfort from your memories.
    May his memory be a blessing. z”l.
    Liz Koskoff